As Indians, we understand the importance of a good cup of tea or chai. While preparations and techniques vary, the underlying love for this quintessential beverage remains strong. As a guest of Club Mahindra Munnar, we bring to you, cultural experiences that will colour your trip and make it more enriching.

 One such experience has got to do with the art of mixing and cooling tea for the purpose of quick serves. It is known as meter long tea, and is Kerala’s version of cutting chai. Marvel at this exceptional method that involves high amounts of expertise and proficiency. Watch the hot liquid extend into metre-long tea spouts and fall into your cup. After which, drinking it becomes all the more satisfying. Savour the taste, smooth on the tongue, rich in flavour.

 There’s no better way of exploring a culture than by delving into its local customs. And trust us, meter long tea preparation is enjoyable for the whole family, especially the kids! If you want the little ones to gasp in awe, holiday with Club Mahindra. After all, we’ve got many more such experiences in our treasure trove, spanning 100+ resorts in India and abroad!

To know more about the meter long tea preparation experience, do browse through the Club Mahindra members reviews.

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