Exceptional Holidays at 4300+ RCI Resorts

When you think of a vacation, what’s the one word you should consider?

More !

You need more choices, more experiences, more wonder – and that’s what Club Mahindra has to offer you today through RCI – so much more.


Curious? You should be. With a Club Mahindra membership, you also have the opportunity to avail the RCI membership. This means more destinations to choose from, more experiences to enjoy and more vacations to plan. You can now explore the world and go further than you ever imagined.

The good news doesn’t end there though.

By signing up for the RCI membership, you don’t just gain access to the unique and beautiful corners of the earth, you do so in style. The RCI network gives you access to finest holiday properties around the world. This includes reputed brands from the hospitality industry like the Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, the Marriott Vacation Homes and the Hilton Grand Vacation Club, among the many others.


Simply put, with a Club Mahindra membership you gain access to 125+ resorts in India and abroad, 300+ partner hotels and resorts and the 4,300+ RCI affiliated resorts in over 110 countries. Talk about being spoiled for choice!


So, where would you like to holiday next?

The dense green tangled rainforests of Africa? The sunny sweeps of beaches that define a sunny Australian holiday? Would you like to be dazzled by the twinkling lights and the merry sounds of Las Vegas? Or enjoy the verdant beauty of Vermont? The beaches of Cancun, the Rockies of Canada, the waves of Aruba – they’re all calling to you.


So, sign up for a Club Mahindra membership and have the world handed to you on a platter. Because, with our holiday plans, you can exchange your room night points for a stay at any one of the 4,300 RCI resorts.


With a Club Mahindra membership, you are investing a world’s worth of vacations, destinations and experiences to enjoy. For more information, you can read the Club Mahindra reviews on our website.


This year don’t just wish for more, get more with Club Mahindra and RCI.


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