Many artists, poets, writers, and musicians have made the mountains their muse. Rolling mists, stunning vistas, and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets in a place where time literally slows down, provides the inspiration needed to create great art. One such artist was Nicholas Roerich who left Russia in 1917 and settled in Naggar, a town in Kullu District. He lived there until his death in 1947, painting and creating great art inspired by the mystique of the mountains. After his death, his residence was converted into a museum and art gallery showcasing his work. Irrespective of whether you are a connoisseur of art or whether you are just intrigued by Roerich’s story, you need to Visit the Roerich Art Gallery in Naggar during your stay at Club Mahindra resort in Manali.

The museum attached to the Roerich Art Gallery displays Nicholas Roerich’s prolific private collection which is internationally renowned. The artist’s private rooms have been preserved in the upper floor of the museum. Paintings of Kullu, Spiti and Lahaul made by Roerich are housed in the ground floor of the gallery. Each of Roerich’s brush strokes tell a story, especially the paintings of Kullu and Lahaul which you can gaze at for hours as you marvel at Roerich’s mastery of storytelling through a still image. With quaint cafés and sleepy mountain villages, the Roerich Art Gallery and its surrounding area feel distinctly European. Visit the Roerich Art Gallery to fall in love with art and more importantly, draw inspiration from the mountains. So, when you are thinking of things to do in Manali, don’t forget to add this gem.

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