Titillated by aromas? Especially the coffee kind? A holiday at the club Mahindra resort will satiate the coffee lover in you. Holiday in our resorts amidst coffee plantations and you will be treated to your very own cupping experience. Cupping refers to studying the taste and smell of brewed coffee. You have heard of the wine tasters and the sommelier? Just like that, there are coffee tasters and there is a master taster.

Coffee tasting is a serious profession just like any other. There are even courses that teach you the art and technique that goes in observing different coffees. It is not easily accessible to one and all. Except, when you holiday with Club Mahindra. As a part of your holiday experience – you get to taste various coffees including traditional coffees versus innovative blends, Arabic coffees versus Robusta coffees, and so much more! This your chance to enhance your knowledge about the various blends of coffee, origins of the coffee bean, and interesting facts about the art of brewing. 

This experience can totally elevate you from “You make good coffee” to “You are a coffee connoisseur”.  You could even discover a barista hidden in you. One can just imagine the success you will have when you host a party after this experience. Not the wine, not the food, not even your good looks – but your coffee will be the talk of the town.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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