Dash through the snow…not on a one-horse open sleigh but a ski. Let icy slopes, glorious valleys and towering pine trees awaken the adventure seeker in you. Race your family down glazed white sheets of snow on a ski. And even if you stumble, thick carpets of snow promise to brace your fall. For every ski lover out there, Cross-Country Skiing is one of the most popular things to do in Finland.

Skiing is serious business in Finland and Cross-Country Skiing is more than just an activity, it is considered the national sport. In a country where winter brings with it a blanket of snow and walking through this white winter wonderland becomes a task, Cross-Country Skiing is the best way to get around and explore Finland. It must be at the top of your list of things to do in Finland when you visit Finland during the winter months, regardless of your age.

Cross-Country Skiing is as easy as walking once you get the hang of it and resorts in Finland make it easier with lessons from instructors and even guided Cross-Country Skiing tours that let you glide around the countryside and see the sights. This was an important means of transport in the winter before the advent of modern automobiles, and skiing across forests and lakes on the way to work or school was as common as taking the bus. In smaller communities, kids still ski to school when there’s snow on the ground, keeping the tradition alive. Even today, Cross-Country Skiing is enjoyed all over Finland in the winter months from November to May. And all municipalities, from the capital, Helsinki and its metropolitan areas to the remote villages of Northern Lapland maintain a network of skiing tracks, many of them well-lit with readily available medical and emergency services. Imagine turning that leisure walk in the park with the family into an exhilarating ski session over freshly fallen snow. So what are you waiting for? Grab the family, strap on some skis and go Cross-Country Skiing in Finland. We promise it’ll be fun right from the start to the very Finnish!

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