The winter season brings with it colour, laughter, celebrations to the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer. Abandoned villages come to life, traditional folk music wafts in the air while the Jaisalmer Fort creates a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. While resonating desert drums can be heard far and wide. Swirling Iehengas, locals dressed in shimmering costumes, snake charmers, puppeteers and folk dancers create a magical spectacle for you. Daddies, do you take pride in your moustache? Well, to celebrate the same, the Desert Festival has a competition for all the moustache groomers out there! If you manage to twirl it upwards in pride like the royals do, you could be the winner!

Watch uniquely decorated camels compete against each other for the title of the ‘best-dressed’. Or simply listen to the untamed yet soul-stirring voices of traditional folk artists, as they sing their heart out. Both choices are just as sublime. The Desert Festival promises to fascinate all five senses in unison. Which is why it is not much of a surprise that attending the Desert Festival is one of the most popular things to do in Rajasthan. This exuberant festival begins as soon as the sun rises and reaches its peak under the light of countless twinkling stars. Yes, the Club Mahindra resort in Rajasthan lets you witness and take part in the grand Desert Festival.

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