Dimsum, momos, dumplings...call them whatever you want, this is certain, it is impossible to eat just one. Enjoying these steamed or fried (if your diet allows) parcels of heaven at Club Mahindra Mashobra, Shimla, where their steaming contents become one with the mist, is an experience in itself. Half the fun is dunking these dumplings in the spicy chutney and popping them whole in your mouth to start a symphony of biting, chewing and slurping on their succulent, chewy confines. You promise yourself to wait till they cool down before reaching for one more, but with freshly prepared dim sum, resistance is futile. If just thinking of dim sum makes your taste buds tingle, imagine what the Dimsum Making Session at Club Mahindra Mashobra, Shimla will do?

Guided by expert chefs, you will learn to stuff, fold and steam a variety of dim sum. You’ll also learn to make a variety of sauces, each of which will make your tastebuds do a different dance form. This is the perfect family activity as many hands make light work. Start an assembly line of cutting, chopping, mixing and cooking that will feel less like a chore and more of a MasterChef-styled team challenge. This Dim Sum Making Session at Club Mahindra Mashobra, Shimla needs to feature on your list of things to do in Mashobra, Shimla, mainly because there’s a whole deluge of dim sum to taste at the end of it. There’s also homework, and that is to make and eat as many of these dim sum as you can, when you get back home. 

With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about the Dim Sum Making Session experience at Club Mahindra Mashobra, Shimla, read the Club Mahindra reviews.

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