At Club Mahindra Derby Green and Danish Villa  in Ooty, the Barbeque on the Lawns is a remarkable dining experience that perfectly encapsulates the essence of this tranquil hill station. Set amidst the serene and lush surroundings of the resort, this unique dining concept is a celebration of grilled cuisine, offering a culinary journey like no other.

Concept of Barbeque Dining: The Barbeque on the Lawns at Club Mahindra Derby Green revolves around the art of grilling, allowing guests to immerse themselves in an interactive and engaging culinary adventure. It's not just a meal; it's an experience, where you can actively participate in the grilling process.

Menu of Barbeque Dining: The menu is a testament to diversity, with options that cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Enjoy an array of mouthwatering kebabs, including paneer tikka for the vegetarians and chicken tikka for the non-vegetarians. Each dish is infused with flavors, spices, and grilling techniques that ensure every bite is a symphony of taste.

Live Grilling: What makes the Barbeque on the Lawns truly special is the live grilling experience. Highly skilled chefs take center stage, expertly grilling your chosen items right before your eyes. The result? Food that arrives at your table piping hot and brimming with smoky goodness.

As you dine in the picturesque setting of Club Mahindra Derby Green and Danish Villa Ooty, you'll be treated to the delightful sights and sounds of sizzling kebabs and crackling flames, all while surrounded by the lush greenery that Ooty is famous for. It's an experience that enhances your meal, making it an event to remember.

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Club Mahindra Derby Green Ooty Resort in Tamil Nadu

Club Mahindra Derby Green, Ooty

Club Mahindra Danish Villa Resort in Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Club Mahindra Danish Villa, Ooty

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