Dreaming of lush greens? Of a different kind? Dreaming of manicures? Again, of a different kind? That’s the golfing soul in you, who dreams of well-manicured and well maintained lush green golf courses. The dream is close to reality when you decide to spend your vacation at the Holiday Club Resort Vierumäki. This resort in Finland is a dream destination for every type of golfer. Whether amateur, first timer, professional, holiday golfer or just a traveller with the heart of a golf (sorry, we had to!). 

The Holiday Club resort in Finland is especially designed for the ones who don’t compromise on their fitness. There are many things to do in Finland when it comes to sports and fitness. There is a superb swimming pool, a state-of-the-art gymnasium and track facilities, to name a few. The highlight though is Disc Golfing. Disc Golfing is a sport played with rules similar to regular golf. It is played on a course similar to regular golf. However, one big difference is that Disc Golfing is a flying sport. The players have to throw the disc at a target. You begin by throwing the disc from the tee area and then continue to throw from the landing points till you reach your target. 

Like regular golf, the trees, shrubs, and other features of the terrain pose as obstacles on the course. Disc Golfing can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. It is easy to learn and can be a great way to keep fit. The best part about Disc Golfing is that it is played in beautiful lush green surroundings. It makes all the effort worthwhile. All of this against the backdrop of some stunning natural beauty at Vierumäki. We are sure that your family will love Disc Golfing forever. 

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