White cascades of water falling from a height of 1017 feet can be both a daunting and a majestic sight! And at Dudhsagar in Goa, you’re sure to feel both. Located between the borders of Karnataka and Goa, this natural wonder falls majestically making the waters of the Mandovi river appear like milk rather than water, especially during the monsoons. That’s exactly why it’s called Dudhsagar.

Like everything fascinating, these falls come attached to a legend too. Story goes that a princess – the daughter of the King of the Ghats – used to bathe in the lake near her father’s castle. After which, she would consume milk from a jug that was made with gold and inlaid with diamonds. One day, a handsome prince, on hearing the laughter of the princess and her handmaidens, happened to stop to have a look. The princess felt much abashed by her scanty bathing attire, and to help her out, her handmaidens poured milk from the jug in front of her. Thus, creating a curtain that would give her cover from the prince’s gaze. And that’s how Dudhsagar got its name.

Enough of history? Let’s focus on fascinating facts then. 100 feet in width, this waterfall splits into three streams, making for a magnificent sight. The area around the falls are forested and home to several flora and fauna – which means, there’s much more than just the water to gaze at. Reaching there can be a trek literally – but you can also hire a jeep to get there faster. While getting there can be a notable trek or a ride, believe us when we say that a sight of such sheer breadth and magnitude will stay with you forever! So, when are you making a trip to Club Mahindra in Goa– for it is here that you can begin to dream about your Dudhsagar experience?

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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