Ever imagined that you would be privy to the sight of multitudes of catfish eating from your hands? Well, when you Feed the Catfish at Hammeripal Lake, you’ll realise this could come true. But don’t be surprised, for at a Club Mahindra resort in Rajasthan, you can expect all things magical. So, when it comes to deciding on things to do in Kumbhalgarh, don’t miss the chance to Feed the Catfish at Hammeripal Lake!

A few kilometres away from Kumbhalgarh is the Hammeripal Lake, named after Rana Hammir Singhji, the first Rana of Mewar who built the lake. At the lake, you’ll be directed to the Fish Point and if you’re imagining the common-enough sight of colourful fish, think again. For here, you’ll be first greeted by a stunning panoramic view of azure calm blueness. Lush green mountains and dense greenery will entice you. There’s also a temple built on the ghat, but don’t let all these distract you. After all, the real heroes are yet to arrive.

As you approach the steps at the ghat, you’ll be awe-struck by the sight of ‘giant’ catfish accumulating in hundreds! And just as you wonder if anything can be more fascinating, you’re told that you can actually feed them with ‘toast crumbs’ – it’s what the catfish love. Small stalls nearby sell these crumbs and other food to feed these fish, so make sure your kids are armed when they come to Feed the Catfish at Hammeripal Lake. Then watch as the catfish come close to the bank and open their mouths wide simultaneously, even as you give food to them. Some may even come to the bank, collect their food and then slip back into the water… That's their level of excitement!

And just in case you’re wondering how these catfish got here, well, the story goes that one fish contractor developed the breed for commercial farming. But the villagers opposed this idea, and since then, the fish have been allowed to stay safe in the lake where no one is allowed to catch and eat them. Intrigued enough to Feed the Catfish at Hammeripal Lake? We knew you’d be tempted.

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