Step out of Holiday Club Pyhä, Finland and into Finland’s impressive Lapland. Big skies will greet you, lit by the extraordinary Northern Lights in the winter and Midnight Sun in the summer. Hike through ancient forests, up onto windswept treeless fells, courtesy Hiking and Outdoor Excursions at Pyhä National Park. One of the most enchanting places to visit in Finland for a nature lover, a trek here is an adventure you’re unlikely to forget. If you’re looking for outdoorsy things to do in Finland, this excursion is delightful for the whole family.

Kids and adults, on you go! Deeper into the woods. Past the trails and slopes. Stop for a picnic, only to have Siberian jays magically appear from the forest. Meander past gorges, ravines, lakes and waterfalls, that will overwhelm you with their beauty. Visit the spectacular Karhukuru Gorge, from where a stream flows through and into the Pyhänkasteenlampi Lake, forming a shower-like waterfall called Pyhäkaste Waterfall. This is considered to be a sacred place for the Forest Sámi people. Visit the ruins of the old logger’s cabin, by Poronpolku Trail. It narrates the story of the region’s age-old logging tradition. Trace the path between two of the park's most famous fells - Pyhä and Luosto. Climb to the summit of Ukko-Luosto Fell, and soak in the sceneries of apa bogs, hills and 400-year-old forests. These are the kind of surreal moments you can look forward to at our resorts in Finland.

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