Hua Hin is where Bangkok goes to get away from the crowds of tourists. Think of the Hua Hin Seaside Getaway as a whole new Asian experience that is just a day trip away from Bangkok. This peaceful seaside town is the opposite of noisy, bustling Bangkok and a Hua Hin Seaside Getaway is one of the best things to do in Bangkok when you need a break from your high energy, vibrant and activity filled Bangkok vacation. So, pack a bag and get ready to let the waves of tranquility wash over you during your Hua Hin Seaside Getaway.

If you arrive in Hua Hin by train, the charming Hua Hin railway station is your first stop. It’s laid back ambience and old-world charm will set the pace for your Hua Hin Seaside Getaway. Spend some time taking pictures of the brightly coloured building or stay longer just to watch the trains go by, there’s no rush in Hua Hin. Wander through the quaint streets till you come across attractions such as the Mrigadayavan Palace, Black Mountain Water park and Khao Takiab village.

Your Hua Hin Seaside Getaway wouldn’t be a seaside getaway without a visit to Hua Hin beach, where you can simply laze around while getting a traditional Thai massage, or hit the waves for some water sports. You also shouldn’t miss the nearby street food market where the fish is so fresh and tasty, it’ll practically swim down your throat.

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