Chholiya or Kumaoni dance is not just a dance form typical to the Kumaon hills in Uttarakhand. It has strong roots attached to the heritage and tradition of the Kshatriya tribes of these hills and can be traced back thousands of years. Initially a form of entertainment and a display of the fabled valour and bravery of the Kshatriyas or warrior tribes of the Kumaon region, it was later developed as a form of dance. At our kumaoni dance class, trained Chholiya performers will share the secrets of this energetic art form with you.

At Club Mahindra Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand you too can take a kumaoni dance class to learn Chholiya accompanied by battle music, which reflects the intensity of war. You will also be equipped with weapons of war such as swords and spears and shields, but don’t worry these are just props. It is amazing to watch dancers perform intricate movements synchronized with each other despite their costumes and weapons, and even more fun to learn from them. This whole presentation is an enactment of war and communicates the emotions of warriors as they succumb to fate with courage and valour. This adds to the dramatic flair of the kumaoni dance class and makes it even more exciting.

Some of the unmistakable props used along with traditional attire for Chholiya dance include a triangular red flag embossed with the emblem of the kingdom, weapons such as swords and daggers and bold, striking face paint. The kumaoni dance class will include all of these elements, and let you live out your fantasies of being a warrior in this mountainous kingdom. With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about the kumaoni dance class,read the Club Mahindra reviews and decide for yourself.

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