A pristine river island in India, Kuruvadweep, or Kuruva Island is located in the Wayanad district of Kerala. Spanning over 950 acres, nestled amidst the Kabini River's lush greenery, the island is home to diverse flora and fauna. Accessible only by boat, Kuruvadweep charms visitors with its dense forests, tranquil streams, and bamboo groves. A haven for nature enthusiasts and bird watchers, Kuruva Island is the perfect retreat for those looking for stillness and natural beauty.

Experience a Serene Escape 

Head out for a family excursion to Kuruvadweep, and be a part of a serene escape as you land up in the heart of nature. Feel transported to a blissful heaven adorned with a verdant panorama coupled with the rhythmic sound of the Kabini River.

Once on the island, let the children run free spotting colorful butterflies and wildflowers adorning the thick foliage. Together take the family-friendly trails offering you the captivating sight of the hidden streams and lush bamboo groves, gifting you the joy of nature firsthand.


 Create heartfelt memories as you hold hands while navigating suspension bridges heading over to the riverside. Enjoy a leisurely picnic by the river with the soothing sound of nature’s wonders in the background.  Witness exotic birds and the unique biodiversity of Kuruvadweep. A family day out on the island won't be just an outing; it is sure to be a collective immersion into the beauty of Kerala's wilderness.

Where to Stay 

Delight in staying at the Vythiri Village Wayanad Resort in Wayanad set 60 km away from Kuruvadweep.  Treat yourself to a host of comforts while you delight in a splendid hillside holiday with your family.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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