The heart always longs to be in locales abundant with natural splendour. Pristine blues enveloped by gorgeous greens. You already want to be in some place like this, don’t you? What if we told you that you are going to do just that and that too with your loved ones right next to you! Welcome to the Lake experience when you stay at the resort at Punkaharju. There are so many things to do in Punkaharju, Finland. But the star of the list is definitely the experience of the Lake. Do you know why an experience of a Lake tops the list of things to do in Finland? Simply because Finland is the land of a thousand lakes. In fact, it is home to more than 100,000 lakes! 

When you decide to holiday at the Holiday Club Punkaharju, you have just gifted yourself and your family the best holiday ever. Among the many places to see at Punkaharju, the lakes top the list. Punkaharju is a treasure trove of natural delights, spruce forests, birch forests, pine forests and a whole bouquet of lakes. The resort at Punkaharju is perched right on the shore of the Kulennoistenjärvi Lake. Peeking at you from behind the pine trees, the view of the lakes is spectacular. A sensorial delight in every sense, every Lake here will captivate you like no other Lake has. 

There are many pathways around the lake shores. We suggest that you traverse those with your children. The Lake experience, especially walking around the Lake admiring its beauty along with your family will be the highlight of your holiday at the resort at Punkaharju. During summers, some lakes also offer a wide range of activities such as fishing and boating. 

With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about the Lake experience, read the Club Mahindra member reviews.

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