Peaceful and picturesque. Refreshing and cool. Glassy and pristine. Teeming with fish! This is Luosujärvi Lake, situated in the majestic municipality of Kolari. Come, discover authentic Finnish Lapland. The seasons cast their spell on this lovely water body, transforming it from liquid to ice. The sun and stars gleam from above, glinting off the surface of the pool. Famed for its purity and quality, the lake is home to an abundance of aquatic species. In fact, great care is taken to ensure the freshness of the fish stock. You will be able to catch sight of fish swimming gaily, leaping in and out of the water! Ready to delve into this experience? Because, we promise an idyllic time.

Situated on the shores of Luosujärvi Lake is an old lumberjack’s mansion called Rönölä. Within this log hut, families will discover all the wonders of Finland – steamy saunas, delectable dishes, warm décor. Oozing with historic beauty, we’d highly recommend a visit to this place. It is especially welcoming after a session of Ice Swimming. So, escape to the smoke sauna and warm yourself up. The chill of the outdoors is perfectly complemented by the warmth of the indoors. If this seems like an offering you and your family will enjoy, let our Finland resorts show you a grand time.

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