Padel tennis, a rigorous yet fun blend of tennis and squash is one experience you will not want to miss out on when you holiday in the beautiful Holiday Club Saimaa resort, that sits prettily in South-Eastern Finland. The resort is spread over 700 gorgeous acres replete with experiences that will delight one and all. 

Like tennis, squash, and badminton, Padel is also a racquet sport. The racquet used is without strings, just like the one used in tennis or squash . Usually Padel Tennis is played in doubles on a court that is one third the size of a regular tennis court. The rules for scores are similar to that of regular tennis. The sport was invented in 1969 in Mexico and is popular across many South American countries. At Holiday Club Saimaa, Finland, it is highly recommended you try your hand at a game of Padel Tennis at The Spa Roof. 

The sun deck offers some great doses of Vitamin – D among other things! Drenched in sunlight, you can sweat it out playing Padel Tennis at The Spa Roof. Racquets and balls can be rented from a kiosk. Experts say, it is easy to get a hang of this game. We are quite sure you will have a real fun time with your family as you compete at a game of Padel Tennis at The Spa Roof. Unlike regular tennis, physical fitness does not dominate the list of requirements to play the game. Technique and hand eye coordination are of importance. Do try this one! 

With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about Padel Tennis at The Spa Roof experience at Holiday Club Saimaa, read the Club Mahindra member reviews.

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