The vibrant culture of Punjab is an explosion of colors, rhythm, and warmth. From the energetic beats of the dhol to the swirling movements of bhangra, every aspect resonates with enthusiasm. Immerse in the Punjabi essence as you become a part of a scintillating Punjabi Themed Night with your family. Transport yourself to the heart of Punjab, and spread laughter and cheer while you enjoy with your family an evening filled with a medley of colors, embracing the lively spirit of Punjabi culture.

Experience unstoppable entertainment 

Be a part of a spirited celebration with your family at the Punjabi Theme Night that kicks off with the beats of the dhol resonating through the air. The vibrant decor, adorned with traditional Punjabi elements such as colorful phulkari drapes, bhangra figurines, and sugarcane stalks, puts you in a full mood of enjoyment. The infectious energy of live bhangra and gidda performances sweep away children and adults alike immersing them in the electrifying atmosphere.

Punjabi Themed Night

The highlight of the evening is the live bhangra and gidda performances, where professional dancers showcase energetic and traditional Punjabi folk dances. Family-friendly games along with a spread of Punjabi delicacies, a feast for the senses together weave a cherished chapter in the family's travel diaries.

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Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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