Pushkar, a sacred town in Rajasthan, embraces visitors with its vibrant culture and spiritual aura.Famous for the annual Pushkar Camel Fair, centered around the holy Pushkar Lake and the Brahma Temple, it draws countless visitors from far and wide. The lake, believed to have manifested miraculously, adds an ethereal charm to Pushkar's landscape.A revered water body surrounded by ghats and temples, the lake is known to offer spiritual cleansing. 

Experience a Spiritual Aura 

Visit the Pushkar Lake with your family and immerse in the rich heritage and history of the city. Hand in hand stroll along the ghats and lend your ears to the rhythmic chants resonating from nearby temples. Capture candid moments of the kids watching the rituals and the floating diyas on the tranquil waters of Pushkar Lake. Spend time with a local and learn about the lake's sacred history and the annual Pushkar Camel Fair. 

Wander past the vibrant market surrounding the lake offering a sensory feast featuring a variety of handicrafts and lip-smacking street food. As the sun dips below the horizon, come together for the sacred aarti ceremony while the lake shimmers with the glow of countless lit lamps wafting away. A visit to Pushkar Lake is sure to become a timeless memory and the most cherished chapter in your family's travel diary. 

Highlights of Pushkar Lake

A languid boat ride acrossthe captivating Pushkar Lake is one of the most fascinating experiences. Feel a sense of shared wonder, cultural immersion, and spiritual reflection, fostering a deep connection among your loved ones.

Best Time to Visit Pushkar

The best time to visit Pushkar is during the months of October to March as the weather is pleasant, and major festivals, including the famous Pushkar Camel Fair, take place.

Where to Stay in Pushkar

Clarks Safari Pushkar Resort in Rajasthan offers the most invigorating stay to its guests. An ideal pick for a family vacation, itstastefully appointedrooms, exotic surroundings,and warm hospitality makeit stand out from the rest of the Resorts in Pushkar

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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