Exquisite gardens with winding pathways and a charming cottage painted on undulating greens, lead you to the stunning Solliden Palace. The gleaming white structure peaks at you from behind towering trees, inviting you to come inside. If you are a bit too overwhelmed, wishing to stop and stare at the beauty that surrounds you, sit on one of the many white wooden benches that dot the well-manicured gardens. It is no wonder that a visit to Solliden Palace is one of the most popular things to do in Sweden with your family.

The warm and picturesque Coffee Cottage lures your children with the aroma of home-cooked treats and sugary desserts. And while stepping into the palace is off limits, you won’t be able to get over each of the magnificent Solliden Palace gardens, which promises to stun you with its sheer breath-taking beauty.

Make your way behind the castle and the Mediterranean-style Italian garden greets you with rolling gravel paths, uniquely shaped stone hedges and carpets of flowerbeds. The sight of lavender lilies, dainty daisies and raging rhododendrons makes you think that maybe life is indeed a bed of roses. Head to the south and a stunning English park painted with mesmerising magnolias, cypresses and plane trees welcome you. While the west is home to a stellar Dutch garden that offers a variety of soft roses and perennial plants to saunter amidst.

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