From the Midnight Sun to the Aurora Borealis, Finland is riddled with extraordinary mysteries and secrets. We’re here to unveil one of its oldest and most fascinating ones – the unique sauna culture! Get ready for a steamy journey, amidst the sunshine and snow. Experience the Traditional Finnish Saunas at our Finland resorts like never before. A Finnish holiday without a Finnish Sauna experience is like a trip to Disneyland without trying a single ride! A sauna is not a luxury for the Finns, it is an everyday necessity.

The popular belief is that it keeps them healthy. There is enough evidence to prove that the Finns invented it. And no one saunas like the Finns! In fact, we believe that the popular quote by Albert Camus – ‘In the midst of winter, I found there was within me an invincible summer’ was made for the Finnish people. However dark the winter, they will not miss the delightful experience of warming up in a sauna.

Welcome to your very own abode of tranquillity. Step into a room filled with a sweet, dense mist. The steam, known as löyly, is created as a result of a special stove called kiuas. When water is thrown on the hot stones, steam emanates and fills the space. This special fog is known to relieve stress, alleviate muscle pain, rejuvenate the skin and flush all toxins from the body. What’s more, you’re guaranteed to have deep sleep at night. Allow the sauna experience to work its magic, strengthening your heart and nurturing your soul. At our Finland resorts, there are saunas for men and women. So, feel empowered and free. Enjoy the many healing properties. Let go of all worldly thoughts. Be one, with your mind and body. Among other things, beating yourself (be gentle) with birch twigs to improve blood circulation is an important thing to do in the sauna. 

 Our Holiday Club resorts in Finland, allow you to indulge in some great relaxing treatments at the spa, but the rejuvenation journey is not complete if you don’t end it with the Traditional Finnish Saunas. And the experience of the Traditional Finnish Saunas is not just sitting in a hot room, it is all about the etiquette and the culture and customs that come with it. There is an old Finnish saying, “Behave in the sauna as you would behave in the church”.

With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about what it feels like to visit one of these special Traditional Finnish Saunas, read the Club Mahindra member reviews.

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