Why Visit Ripples Restaurant, Club Mahindra Acacia Palms ?

The restaurant offers theme-based menus during dinners such as carnival, pan Asian, Punjabi, Awadhi, street delight and Rajasthani & Gujarati. Also, it often hosts karaoke nights, live music performances and retro nights. In addition, the restaurant's menu has separate sections dedicated to senior citizens and kids.

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Unique Dining Experiences

The immensely delicious and aromatic food is not the only thing that makes Ripples Restaurant one of the best restaurants in Goa, but also its antique rustic furniture, old Portuguese-style decor, dim lighting and outdoor poolside seating add to its charisma. It also serves many healthy options including salads, flavoured yoghurt, sprouts, cumin-soaked water, vegetable juice and cinnamon soaked water. In addition, it serves a great selection of mocktails and cocktails.

Poolside Dining

Poolside Dining

Enjoy the outdoor seating by the pool

Portuguese Architecture

Portuguese Architecture

Typical style and décor that takes you back in time

Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Salads, juices, low-calorie food options available

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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Does Ripples Restaurant host any private events?

Yes, the restaurant hosts birthday parties, kitty parties, barbeques, family dinners, get-togethers and candlelight dinners.

Which dishes are included in the kid’s section of the menu?

Some of the best dishes included in the kid's section of the menu are tomato soup, pasta, French fries, Hakka noodles, fried rice, grilled chicken and fish fingers.

Which dishes are included in the senior citizen section of the menu?

Some of the best dishes included in the senior citizen’s section of the menu are Palak paneer, Dal Khichdi, Phulkas, Curd rice and Murgh makhanwala.

Which beverages does the restaurant serve?

Ripples Restaurant serves a variety of mocktails and cocktails such as blue lagoon, iced tea, virgin mary, tropical punch, pina colada, mojito, margarita and LIIT.

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