Meet Our Chef

Alex Rexon Dias

As they say, ‘your destiny is written at birth,’ Chef Alex Rexon Dias was destined to be a chef. Born and raised in Goa, Chef Dias discovered his cooking skills and passion when he won the best dish award during a school camp when the students had to cook for their teachers. Since then, he has come a long way to become one of our finest chefs. With over 15 years of experience, Chef Dias has travelled far and wide to explore new cuisine worldwide and add new skills, techniques, and dishes to his repertoire. The Iconic Chef of the Year Award by Times of India is a testament to his excellent skills in the kitchen. Currently, the Executive Chef at Club Mahindra Goa, Chef Dias, has been stirring up a storm in the kitchen and delighting the guests with incredible local and international dishes.

Why Visit Curries Restaurant, Club Mahindra Assonora ?

Listed amongst the best places to eat in Goa, Curries Restaurant is not only famous for its extensive menu and delectable food but also for its amazing ambience and sophisticated interiors. Featuring a high ceiling and glass windows throughout, it is very airy and flooded with ample daylight during the day. Offering mesmerising views of the lush green valleys and mountains in the surrounding area, it flaunts striking Portuguese architecture, exquisite wood-work and majestic pillars, making it one of the most sought-after restaurants in Goa. With multiple seating options including indoor seating on sofas, chairs and community tables as well as outdoor seating in a large verandah, Curries also hosts live Indian music performances during the weekends. Moreover, it has a mini waterpark facility, which adds to its popularity, especially amongst families with kids.

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Unique Dining Experiences

Known for serving delicious and wholesome breakfast buffet, Curries Restaurant serves various cuisines over breakfast including Continental, South Indian, North Indian, Goan and Pan Asia. During breakfast, it hosts a salad bar that serves a variety of salads and healthy juices and sets up live counters for South Indian food and eggs. It also serves a variety of hot beverages including masala tea and coffee.

Relish local cuisine

Relish local cuisine

Try the authentic flavours of Goa

Dine with a view

Dine with a view

Enjoy the spectacular lush-green surroundings

Try chef’s signature dishes

Try chef’s signature dishes

Relish lip-smacking cuisines prepared by our master chefs

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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Does Curries serve any beverages or desserts?

Yes, Curries Restaurant serves a wide selection of baked goods, desserts and beverages including croissants, Danish pastry, muffins, chocolate brownies, opera, cheesecakes, kokum-based mocktails, chilled beer, wines, feni-based cocktails and refreshing mojitos and margaritas.

Does the resort have any other restaurants?

Yes, Club Mahindra Assonora also houses some of the other most popular restaurants in Goa including Spice, Unwind and Plunge.

Does the restaurant serve any dishes prepared specifically for kids?

Yes, the restaurant serves several kids' special dishes like burgers, pizza, mac and cheese, pasta and sandwiches.

Does Curries allow guests to host celebrations?

Yes, Curries not only allows guests to host birthday parties, anniversaries and other celebrations but also provides complimentary cake and decor.

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