Why Visit Ascot Restaurant, Club Mahindra Derby Green resort ?

Its classy interiors, beautiful location, lip-smacking food and extensive menu make it one of the most sought-after restaurants in Ooty. Offering spectacular views of the city and the race course, it extends to a lovely lawn and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. With an array of healthy food options for fitness-conscious guests, it also hosts live counters for Indian bread and kebabs. The restaurant also hosts celebrations on festivals like Holi, Diwali, Pongal, and Tamil New Year.

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Unique Dining Experiences

Visitors must try the chef’s signature dishes, which include Chicken ghee roast, BBQ chicken sizzler with exotic vegetables, Ambur potlam chicken biryani, and Alleppey vegetable stew.  

Regional Cuisine

Regional Cuisine

Relish local flavours in every meal

Live Counters

Live Counters

Enjoy freshly grilled kebabs and hot breads

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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Does Ooty have any other Club Mahindra resorts?

Yes, Ooty also has Club Mahindra Danish Villa in addition to Club Mahindra Derby Green.

Does Ascot restaurant serve desserts?

Yes, Ascot offers several desserts, of which the most popular are triple chocolate truffle pastry and sizzler nutty brownie with chocolate sauce and choices of ice creams.

What healthy food options does the restaurant offer?

It provides a plethora of healthy foods like a variety of Sprouts, Ragi dosa, Ragi koozh, Kambu dosa, Detox water, Millet-based foods, Health juices and Gluten-free and Vegan options.

Does it serve any beverages?

Yes, Ascot serves a wide range of regional juices as well as refreshing mocktails like Virgin Feu and Sakura.

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