Why Visit Periyaar Room Restaurant, Club Mahindra Thekkady ?

Its mouth-watering food and extensive menu are not the only reasons behind the popularity of Periyar Room, it is also known for its classy decor, welcoming atmosphere, charming interiors and elegant setting. And, this makes it one of the best restaurants in Thekkady. One of the most sought-after restaurants in Thekkady amongst fitness-conscious individuals, the restaurant’s menu has a variety of salads, fresh juices, and soups. People can also request for low-calorie, high-fibre food.

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Unique Dining Experiences

This 35-year-old restaurant flaunts striking Colonial architecture and exquisite woodwork. It features large glass windows, allowing people to take in stunning views of the pool while enjoying their meal. Also, Periyar Room hosts thematic dinners based on the classic Kerala theme on Saturdays including amazing live performances.

Pool View Dining

Pool View Dining

Regional Cuisine

Regional Cuisine

Themed Celebrations

Themed Celebrations

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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What kind of live performances take place on Saturday nights?

The live performances include music, Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi.

Does the restaurant allow private celebrations?

Yes, guests can celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries with a special dinner carefully customised by the restaurant’s talented chef.Is the place family friendly?

Is the place family friendly?

Yes, Periyar Room is ideal for families, including those with kids and senior citizens.

Does Club Mahindra Thekkady have any other restaurants?

No, Periyar Room is the only restaurant at Club Mahindra Thekkady.

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