Travel to Las Palmas for an eclectic sightseeing tour that digs deep into the region’s culture, history and natural beauty. The excursion begins on foot, in the historical district of Vegueta. Families are ushered towards famous sights such as City Hall, Perez Galdo’s Theatre, Columbus Museum, Sports Marina and Las Canteras Beach.

One of the most extraordinary parts of this tour includes a visit to Jardín Botánico Canario. This is no run of the mill Botanic Garden and Volcano, but the largest and most spectacular one in Spain. Explore 27 acres of ethereal land, upon which 500 plant species of the Canary Islands are nurtured. The park is divided into striking sections, each honouring an aspect of biodiversity. From Garden of the Islands to Laurel-leaves Forests and Fountain of the Wisemen, there’s so much magic to discover! Complete with a waterfall and shallow caves, prepare to be entranced. 

At last, you will be introduced to the highlight of the tour. Bandama Volcano is a great point of geological interest. This volcanic crater spears 569 m above sea level at the highest point on its rim, Pico de Bandama, and is approximately 3,300 ft wide and 700 ft deep. Gaze into the bottom of the caldera, and you will find volcanic ash of different colours as well as botanic species of Canary Island origin.

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