Imagine walking on pebble paved pathways whilst being shaded by towering trees. Cotton green plants guide the way, while wooden logs offer your tired feet a seat to rest on. Hiking to National Parks is one of the most enjoyed things to do in Finland.

And as the beauty around you stuns you into silence, the murmuring forest breezes sing a little song. Soon enough, the crisp crunch of a dry leaf beneath your shoes breaks the silence. With 40 National Parks beautifully scattered across Finland, each park lets you choose the kind of encounter you wish to have with nature. Ranging from rocky roads, snow white trails, Lappish villages to shimmering waterfalls – each route takes you a step closer to the many wonderments of nature.

If you are looking for dark pine forests, magical riversides, and white-tailed eagles in the blue sky, make your way to the Oulanka National Park. If you would rather tread along wooded hills and lush valleys, head to Isojärvi National Park. Your kids will be the first to race you down the scenic little bridge over Lake Kurkijärvi. A 100-tonne boulder right in the middle of the forest will make you stop dead in your tracks. Did you know that this rock is rumoured to be a work of the Ice Age?

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