Kalajoki is Finland’s most famous beach destination. Well, it’s not your typical tropical beach destination as it lies closer to the North Pole, yet you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you visit Kalajoki Beach. In Finland, you’re never closer to the sea than when you’re in Kalajoki. The sea and Kalajoki Beach in particular change with the seasons. Under the summer sun, the water shimmers enticingly all the way to the horizon, while in winter, the sea and the beach are an endless expanse of ice that will literally take your breath away should you venture outside for a swim. Holiday Club Kalajoki, Finland the beachiest of all Holiday Club resorts in Finland, is just a hop, skip and jump away from Kalajoki beach, so you can easily plan a day at the beach with your family.

Kalajoki beach is a popular family destination all year round. Both kids and adults can spend an exciting holiday by the sea here. During the summer, the kids can build sandcastles on the shore while adults can take advantage of the 2.2 square metre swimming area that is clearly demarcated for your safety. In winter, the whole family can enjoy an ice-skating trip over the frozen sea or visit the nearby indoor water park to take a wild ride down the water slide, even when the temperature dips below freezing.

Kalajoki Beach is best experienced during the summer. During this time, Kalajoki lives up to Finland’s moniker as the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’ and Finns enjoy their extended time in the sun. During this time, the beach is alive with people and the party at the beach clubs nearby never ends. Whether you’re looking to spend an exciting family holiday or seeking some quiet time with that special someone, Kalajoki Beach offers the perfect seaside backdrop. Be inspired and above all, have fun. Live in the moment at Kalajoki Beach.

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