Most children, especially those who live in cities, rarely get a chance to interact with the outdoors. They learn about nature either through boring school lessons or engaging online content and videos. But what they do not get to experience are the sights, sounds, textures and colours that make it so diverse and beautiful.

To help children and adults build a bond with nature, Club Mahindra organises nature walks that put you at the heart of it. Led by experienced guides, these tours walk you through the Club Mahindra properties, and the surrounding areas, and introduce you to its inhabitants – the animals and birds who reside there. For kids, it is an amazing experience as they suddenly see their lessons like Geography, Science and Botany spring to life; this renews their interest in learning when they go back to school.

The nature walk at Club Mahindra Corbett is surprising at many levels. You could cross paths with a tiger or have a deer stare curiously at you. You’ll be taught to decipher the language of birdsong and discover why silence suddenly befalls the jungle. You can learn the names of hundreds of leaves and flowers and identify the medicinal ones from the poisonous. From pugmarks to animal droppings, discover a trail of mystery and excitement.

Nature walks are a great way to connect children with nature, and with themselves. After your return to the resort, you can further their excitement by asking them to write a story or draw something that has inspired them from the trip. They can also visit the Happy Hub and learn how to make animal masks, which they can take home as souvenirs.

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