The Lepcha (an indigenous community in Sikkim) word for the land is 'Nye-mae-el' which roughly translates to “paradise”. If Sikkim is paradise, Chakung would rightly be its balcony.

Chakung is an extremely popular picnic spot with the locals, because of the fabulous walking trails that pass through dense pine forests and points like Durpiney Danra, allowing for stunning views of towns like Darjeeling and Jorethang. These mesmerising surroundings are taken to the next level with the stunning backdrop of the snow-covered Himalayas in the background. You could spend a leisurely day here marvelling at the sights of nature when you stay at a Club Mahindra resort in Sikkim. Or, you could set your alarm a little early and head to Chakung before sunrise, in order to Watch the Sunrise over Kanchenjunga from Chakung.

When you Watch the Sunrise over Kanchenjunga from Chakung, you aren’t just watching an ordinary sunrise. You get a front row seat to one of nature’s most majestic moments that is full of drama, awe and wonder. It starts with Kanchenjunga turning a light shade of purple as the sun peaks over the horizon which transitions to a shade of majestic magenta, fiery crimson and finally golden yellow as the sun emerges in all its glory. This is no ordinary sunrise; it is the sun painting the white canvas of Kanchenjunga each morning. The sheer scale and the majesty of it all is a humbling experience and rivals the best theatrical performances in its brilliance. You’ll wish there was an orchestra playing upbeat ambient music to accompany this marvel, but the sounds of nature that accompany the start of a new day, more than make up for it. Without doubt, one of the things to do in Sikkim is to Watch the Sunrise over Kanchenjunga from Chakung.

With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about what it feels like to Watch the Sunrise over Kanchenjunga from Chakung, read the Club Mahindra member reviews.

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