India is home to many delicacies, some of which are popular throughout the country like Maharashtra’s vada pav, Tamil Nadu’s masala dosa, and Delhi’s chola kulcha. While some are hidden gems like Goa’s fish curry, Assam’s khaar, and Bengal’s rasgulla. With such delicious food-snacks, chaat, appetisers, drinks, and sweet dishes available in practically every corner, India is a paradise for food lovers. Very popular all over the world, Indian cuisine is delectable, and everyone’s favourite. From meat lovers to vegetarians, Indian food pleases everyone across the nation.

Hop on a flight, make reservations at the nearest Club Mahindra resort for a luxury holiday, let your taste buds run wild as you gorge on the scrumptious Indian food. Read our comprehensive list of the 10 Indian delicacies you should try this year, and be prepared to be amazed at the wide range of Indian cuisine.

Dal Baati Churma of Rajasthan

The land of Rajputs, Rajasthan, is a foodie’s heaven. Dal baati churma is one of the most famous Indian dishes of the royal state of Rajasthan. There are other scrumptious dishes like mirchi bada, laal maas, and ghevar which are equally popular. Rajasthani Indian cuisine is made mostly of beans, gram flour, lentils, corn, millets, and dairy products. The dishes are inspired and influenced by the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in the desert region.

One of the best, and most delicious meals, dal baati churma is a staple and a traditional meal in every Marwari household. The dish comprises three elements - dal is lentils, baati is wheat rolls, and churma is the powdered wheat ball. Served usually for lunch or dinner, the dal is mixed with the baati and topped with a generous helping of ghee.

Club Mahindra has four resorts in Rajasthan, that will make your stay comfortable, as you sample the delectable and popular Indian dishes of the state. Kumbhalgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and the Pratap Niwas Palace in Jodhpur are the four Club Mahindra resorts in Rajasthan.

Gujarati Thali in Gujarat

With extraordinary snacks and delicious sweets, Gujarat has some of the yummiest delicacies in India. Gathia, khakhra, khandvi, and dhokla are some of the popular Indian dishes and snacks. The locals have perfected the art of vegetarian cooking, and the Gujarati thali is the best way to sample all the delicious food that the locals eat.

The Gujarati thali has a couple of dishes like farsans, vegetables and spices mixed into a curry or a dry dish and kathol, braised beans or chickpeas. The thali also consists of dal and kadhi, a yoghurt dish that is served with rice or roti. Sweets like shrikhand or halwa are served in the Gujarati thali. The thali is incomplete without spicy chutney, pickles, papad, ghee and salad.

Indian food is served with bread, and wheat rotis, savoury bread made from fenugreek known as theplas, and deep-fried puris are a part of the delicious meal too.

During your quest to sample the most popular Indian dishes of Gujarat, stay at the four luxurious Club Mahindra resorts that will make your holiday even sweeter. Club Mahindra Kensville Golf Resort in Ahmedabad, Club Mahindra Gir in Junagadh, Boulevard 9 in Nadiad, and Club Mahindra Dwarka are the resorts in the state.

The Dosas of Tamil Nadu 

Made from rice and urad dal, dosa is like thin and crispy pancake and is one of the most popular Indian dishes around the world. Also, idli, vada, and uttapam are some of the yummiest dishes from South India.

Dosa is served with different kinds of chutney made from coconut, garlic, and even peanuts. It is also served with sambar, made from spices and lentils. Rawa dosa is made from semolina, masala dosa has a filling made from potatoes and other vegetables, and gothambu dosa is made from wheat, and requires no fermentation.

While you get lost in the scrumptious Indian cuisine, stay at these four Club Mahindra resorts in Tamil Nadu. Club Mahindra Danish Villa and Club Mahindra Derby Green are resorts in Ooty, Lake Forest is in Yercaud, and JKR Resort & Spa is in Rameswaram. Stay at any one of these resorts and revel in the lap of luxury as you take your taste buds on a joyride.

Warm momos in cool Darjeeling

The local food of Darjeeling is a combination of various dishes from different ethnicities like Tibetans, Nepalis, and even Bengalis. The locals of Darjeeling use potato, rice and noodles in the dishes. Momos, thukpas, and dalle achar are some of the popular Indian dishes from the hill station.

While in Darjeeling, momos are a must-try. These snacks are dumplings that are made from flour dough and stuffed with various stuffings like meat or vegetables. The momos are then steamed or fried, and served with various kinds of sauces. The vegetarian momos will have vegetables or cheese, while the non-vegetarian ones are usually stuffed with pork or chicken. The momos are usually served with a bowl of hot clear soup.

Club Mahindra has a comfortable resort in Darjeeling called the Summit Hermon which offers luxurious holidays and unforgettable experiences as you enjoy some of the best that Indian cuisine has to offer. Summit Barsana is another Club Mahindra resort in Kalimpong, a city close to Darjeeling.

The unique mix of French and Tamil cuisines in Puducherry

Inspired by the French colonies, Puducherry’s food has a unique blend of French and Tamil cuisine, which is famous among tourists from all over. The local food is easy to digest and is made in less oil. Palpayasam, podanlangkai, assad, and kadugu yerra are some local delicacies that should be tried by all. Puducherry’s food is some of the best Indian food in the country that is wholesome and nutritious.

The kadugu yerra is a scrumptious meal ideal for non-vegetarians. It is made from prawns that are cooked in spicy and tangy tomato sauce. The dish is flavoured with potatoes, vinegar, fenugreek, creamy coconut milk and mustard paste.

The Club Mahindra Puducherry is a fantastic resort that offers unforgettable experiences for the visitors and even organises bespoke and curated events to make the stay even more memorable.

Vada Pav in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has some of the most popular Indian dishes that are delightful and delectable at the same time. Mumbai has some lanes that are specifically designed for food, called Khao Galis, where all kinds of unimaginable combinations are served. Various kinds of dosas, vada pavs, pav bhajis, and other street food are served.

Vada pav is a vegetarian snack that is native to Maharashtra and is served in every tea stall on every corner of the state. The dish has a deep-fried potato cutlet that is placed inside a bread roll or a pav, almost like a burger. It is accompanied by chutneys and a sliced raw green chilli. Vada pav is spicy, yummy, and it is hard to stop at one.

Club Mahindra has four resorts in Maharashtra, that are luxurious and comfortable, offering a one-of-a-kind holiday experience to the visitors while they enjoy some delicious Indian food. Club Mahindra Sherwood and Club Mahindra Saj are in Mahabaleshwar, Club Mahindra Hatgad is in Nashik, and Tropicana Resort and Spa is in Alibaug.

Enjoy some delicious Goan Fish Curry

Goa is all about sun, surf, seafood, and sand. The Goan Indian cuisine is mostly seafood with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, adding brightness, colour, and bursts of flavour. The Goan fish curry is an aromatic local delicacy that is made with creamy coconut milk, aromatic tomatoes, and simmered with spices. The curry is enjoyed with either an assortment of Indian bread or with hot and steaming rice. The pork vindaloo is another popular Indian dish. The meat is marinated in garlic and vinegar and then tossed with spices. In short, Goan food is nothing short of delicious that will delight every taste bud.

Club Mahindra has four resorts in Goa. Club Mahindra Emerald Palms and Club Mahindra Varca are resorts in Varca, Club Mahindra Acacia Palms is in Madgaon, while Club Mahindra Assonora is in Bardez.

Chomp away on the yummy chips in Kerala

India’s spice hub, Kerala is a unique blend of flavours and textures that create delightful explosions of flavour in the mouth. Fresh coconut, green chillies, shallots, coconut oil, and curry leaves are some of the most widely used ingredients in the local dishes of Kerala.

Kerala’s chips are very popular Indian snacks.  Bananas, raw jackfruits, and even thinly sliced tapioca can be made into chips that are fried in fragrant coconut oil. The banana chips can be sweet or salted. The sweet chips are coated in jaggery and are especially popular during the Kerala New Year called Vishu. The traditional savoury banana chips are made from thinly sliced raw bananas that are soaked in turmeric and salt water, before frying in coconut oil.

Club Mahindra has four resorts in Kerala. Two Club Mahindra resorts are in Munnar. Apart from these Club Mahindra has resorts in Thekkady and Kollam also.

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Book a holiday in any of the fantastic Club Mahindra resorts and get ready to embark on a culinary adventure of a lifetime. Indian cuisine is renowned worldwide for being the most delicious and flavoursome, and it’s time we discover some hidden gems of our own country too.


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