Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is one among twelve wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala that make up the protected areas of the state. As such, it is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Munnar. More so, for the nature buffs and wildlife enthusiasts. It is the only rehabilitation centre for the Indian star tortoise. Furthermore, it is under consideration by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for selection as a World Heritage Site.

Prepare for an unforgettable experience within this animal kingdom, along with your family. You have the rare opportunity to spot a repertoire of flora and fauna. The park consists of 28 mammal species, 225 bird species, 52 reptile species, 14 fish species, 15 amphibian species and 156 butterfly species! Spot the Indian leopard, Indian star tortoise, spotted deer and yellow throated bulbul. Imagine being able to glimpse creatures you’ve only read about in books or seen on the Discovery Channel. It is a surreal experience. And if you’re lucky, you may catch sight of the majestic Bengal tiger in its natural habitat. Embark on a safari ride. To reiterate, it is one of the best things to do in Munnar!

If reading about Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary excites you, imagine how you will feel once you physically visit! As promised, Club Mahindra Munnar will help you achieve your sight-seeing goals. As one of the most coveted resorts in Munnar, we take your every need into consideration. So, gear up for adventure amidst nature! We’ve got a bank of 100+ resorts in India and abroad to tempt you with multifarious offerings.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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