A Day at Holiday Club Ylläs Resort

Holiday Club Ylläs will enthral you with its scintillating atmosphere and spirit of adventure. Hit the magnificent ski slopes for a snow-studded expedition. Take a magical Reindeer Safari through the countryside. At our Finland resorts, there is no room for the ordinary. All the 24 hours are yours to enjoy!

Experiences at Holiday Club Ylläs Resort

Welcome to awe-inspiring Lapland, where pale blue skies meet glistening white plains. Amidst the heart-stopping action, enjoy nature’s calming influence. Meander through refreshing, green hiking trails. Gaze at colourful fish, as you canoe along glittering streams. Unlock the secrets of Finnish nature, as there is nothing more fascinating!

Luxurious Amenities at Holiday Club Ylläs Resort

Our Finland resort makes nature more accessible to the active holidayer. From the architecture, to the activities and sports amenities, each facet perfectly complements the natural environment. Engage in a multitude of adventure sports. When you’re in need of a break, let us introduce you to Nordic culture and cuisine.

  • Restaurant
  • Stationery
  • Car Hire
  • Skiing Facility
  • Bed Linen
  • Fully-equipped Kitchen
  • Sauna

Indulge Your Senses

Slurp hot juice while feasting on a donut at the quaint Trail Café. Relish home-made Finnish dishes at the lovely in-house restaurant. Some of the most popular items include Finnish meatballs, oven baked pizza and fish pie. Our ingredients are sourced from local farmers, so you can enjoy organic fare.

On-site Restaurant

Finnish Cuisine

Trail Café

Skiing Cafeteria

One Holiday, Multiple destinations

Each Club Mahindra resort vacation is unique and different and we encourage you to make your vacations even more enriching by adding a few days of stay at nearby Club Mahindra resorts.

Holiday Club Salla + Holiday Club Pyhä + Holiday Club Ylläs
  • Holiday Club Salla + Holiday Club Pyhä + Holiday Club Ylläs

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A family vacation is an album of memories… one that’s waiting to be shared. Read through our Club Mahindra membership reviews to find out what makes a resort story so special. 

FAQs on Holiday Club Ylläs Resort

What are the room amenities at Holiday Club Ylläs?

The rooms at Holiday Club Ylläs include bed linen, fully-equipped kitchens, saunas and cleaning services.

Is parking available at Holiday Club Ylläs?

Yes, free parking is available to guests.

What are the top USPs of Holiday Club Ylläs?

Ylläs is the largest cross-country and downhill ski centre in Finland. The Ylläs Fell is approximately 700 metres high and home to 63 slopes, the longest one being 3 km. For active holidaymakers, the resort offers a plethora of adventure sports. Additionally, the location in western Lapland, enables guests to connect with nature.

How do I reach Holiday Club Ylläs?

Guests may board a flight to Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport and then take a connecting flight to Kittilä Airport. The latter is a half hour drive away from Ylläs.

What’s the best time to visit Holiday Club Ylläs?

As with the rest of our Finland properties, the best time to visit Holiday Club Ylläs would be during the summer. From June to August, the temperatures are conducive for outdoor exploration. In terms of winter sports, November to May enables the best conditions for skiing and snowmobiling. Winter is also the best time to witness the Northern Lights.

Which Club Mahindra resorts are close to Holiday Club Ylläs?

Holiday Club Saariselkä, Holiday Club Pyhä and Holiday Club Salla, are some of the many Holiday Club resorts situated nearby.

What are the things to do around Holiday Club Ylläs?

Some of the things to do in Holiday Club Ylläs include skiing, snowmobiling, winter swimming, ice climbing and canoeing. Additionally, guests can hike to the nearby lake and national park.

What are the meal packages available at Holiday Club Ylläs?

Guests have access to an in-house restaurant and café that serve local and international cuisines. For information on meal packages, please enquire with the resort at the time of booking.

What is the transfer service available from Holiday Club Ylläs?

Guests can call the resort’s customer service to make an enquiry regarding transfer services.

What are the tours available from Holiday Club Ylläs?

Holiday Club Ylläs is an all-year active holiday destination. For specific information on tours, guests can call the resort’s customer service line to make an enquiry.

What are the different languages spoken by the staff at Holiday Club Ylläs?

The staff at Holiday Club Ylläs can speak English, Swedish and Finnish.

How many days are ideal for a holiday at Holiday Club Ylläs?

We would recommend spending a minimum of 4-5 days at Holiday Club Ylläs. This will enable you to experience the largest cross-country and down-hill ski centres of Finland. In addition, you get to experience the 63 ski slopes of the Ylläs Fell.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories



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