Finland, the land of a thousand lakes and the jewel of the Baltic sea is best explored from the confines of a canoe. Canoeing Trips are a great way to explore Finland. You are bound to experience majestic scenery and a stoic silence. You will also view some indigenous tribal rock art, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of wildlife like reindeer, Arctic foxes, and the Saimaa ringed seal. The canoes themselves hold two people and can carry camping gear for when you decide to take a break and make camp. This makes Canoeing Trips an excellent family experience. Taking Canoeing Trips when you stay at Holiday Club resorts in Finland has to be on your list of things to do in Finland.

Renting a canoe for the Canoeing Trips is very easy; choosing one place to canoe from Finland's many lakes and coastal waterways is the hard part. If you feel like a fish out of water before your Canoeing Trips, don’t worry, the only prerequisite for taking these trips, is that you know how to swim. Everything else can be learnt over a couple of hours of paddling in the confines of a quiet inland lake or a slow flowing river on a calm day. 

As you progress, you can take canoeing trips down the faster flowing rivers or even to the Baltic sea. A Canoeing Trip to the White Sea between Finland and Russia in the summer, when it’s not covered with ice, will allow you to paddle alongside playful Beluga whales. With vast water bodies and numerous lakes, the Baltic and White Seas, all with their own stunningly beautiful landscapes, allow you to canoe for hours, days, or even weeks on your family vacation to Finland. 

With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about Canoeing Trips in Finland, read the Club Mahindra reviews.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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