Hiking at Varkaankuru Nature Trail is a great choice for all those families who are setting off on their first snowshoe escapade. The hike is not physically demanding, all thanks to the presence of duckboards and steps. The natural terrains are blessed with exotic flora and fauna, embracing travellers as they tread deeper and further into the wilderness. Deemed to be Finland’s most beautiful nature trail, every visitor must experience this for themselves. Suffice to say, hiking across this sublime route is one of the most popular things to do in Finland. Plus, it is an exhilarating and fun excursion for families.

Meander through the snowy spruce forests, following the trail signs. Can you spot the tracks of a lone hare or willow grouse on the surface of the snow? The woods are alive! Eventually, you will reach the spectacular summits of Ylläs. Make your way to the steep walls of Varkaankuru Ravine. Cross the bridge over the flowing waters of Varkaanoja Creek. Warm up at the campfire. Bask in the soft glow of the polar night. Or, enjoy the glistening spring sunshine. No matter the season, the journey is enchanting. Gaze at the legendary fire-fox wagging its tail and setting the night sky ablaze with the brilliant hues of the Northern Lights!

If you’d like to opt for this tour, Holiday Club Ylläs, Finland will make all the necessary arrangements for you. So, get ready to be struck by Lapland’s magic.

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