Just imagine throwing yourself into freezing waters and waking up each of your senses all in one go. Jump into holes cut in the ice and feel a rush of adrenaline surge through your body. Winter Swimming is undoubtedly one of the most loved things to do in Finland with your family.

The silence of a quiet, frosty morning is broken by you plunging into a large hole cut into the glassy surface of the ocean. And if you are wondering why people do this, it is mainly because of its after effect. Winter Swimming leaves you feeling calm, refreshed and more alive than ever. Your teeth chatter, hands shiver and lips quiver in the cold. But this is what makes you feel so beautifully alive. The freezing cold water numbs your troubles, sending you into a state of euphoria. This activity also has a lot of health benefits such as building immunity and releasing happy endorphins. Once you get used to it, you almost will not want to get out! So, why don’t you leave your stress behind in the sea?

However, do note that headwear is a must. Make sure you carry bathing caps or woollen hats. Keep your head above the water’s surface at all times and drink plenty of water if you are trying this for the first time.

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