A good meal brings people together, strengthens relationships, and also helps create a cachet of wonderful memories. Treat your taste buds to unique gourmet experiences and dishes that will inspire, surprise, and delight your!.

In understanding your family’s very specific needs, the food experiences at our partner hotels and resorts tell stories that aim straight for the heart! Stories of the land. Of its people. Of age-old cultures and traditions.

Welcome to Club Mahindra’s affiliated resorts, nestled in India and across the world. Enjoy the best of culinary delights against exceptional backdrops, elegant décor, and exotic fare. With special emphasis on procuring fresh, organic ingredients from local suppliers, savour high-quality and unparalleled local and international cuisines.

Are you ready for a gastronomic journey? Then come explore a world of culinary delights in every sprinkle, whisk and blend.

Melting Pot of Cuisines

Tuck into a traditional Nepali Thali in north-east India. This heart-warming meal is served on an authentic brass plate. Discover a lip-smacking assortment of foods such as rice, lentils, vegetables and homemade Achar, or spicy pickle. This is a great way to taste an authentic culture, as Nepalese cuisine draws from the land, climate and people!

When touring the north of India, munch on sweet and crunchy Dalmoth. It is a tantalising mixture of fried lentils, nuts and spices. Popular amongst kids, don’t miss out on this unputdownable treat. Bedai is a type of Kachori paired with a fiery potato gravy. Enjoy this savoury delicacy, followed by Petha, a palate cleanser.

Embark on a culinary journey of the glorious South Indian cuisines. Feast on classic Mangalore Buns, prepared with banana. When dunked into Sambhar and Chutney, it’s delightfully scrumptious. Pamper your taste buds with Bisi Bele Bhath, a hot lentil rice dish that will take you back generations!

When in the U.S., savour delicious Cuban Sandwiches, made with Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and Cuban bread, this hearty dish hits all the right flavours, and perfectly encapsulates a tropical ambience. Top it off with Florida Rock Shrimp, a refreshing and zesty delight.

Let your taste buds pack in a world of punch with awe-inspiring Oriental cuisine in Singapore. Feast on the hot and sour flavours of Malaysia, China, Indonesia, India and Thailand. Wallop a bowl of Hokkien Char Mee. These silky, smooth noodles come braised in a dark soy sauce, with a generous helping of pork, squid, fish cake and cabbage.

Travel to the ‘Island of Rice and Curry’ for an extraordinary rendezvous with food. Enjoy delectable meals over sumptuous views of the sea. Try the quintessential String Hoppers, steamed rice noodles moulded into flat spirals. Paired with Sambal, Indonesian chilli sauce, the combination is divine!

Relish juicy Shawarmas, filled with marinated meat, garlic sauce, pickles and Hummus. Give into the goodness of searing, succulent Kebabs and aromatic Biryani in Dubai. You will be whisked away to a universe of spices, condiments and alluring blends.

Have you enjoyed our culinary snippets? With a Club Mahindra membership, you can travel the world, tasting cultures and drinking-in atmospheres! Our restaurants will leave a blueprint on your hearts and minds, forever. Additionally, there are incredible places to visit near Club Mahindra resorts. If you’d like to know more, do read the Club Mahindra reviews.

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