Think golf and you are instantly teleported to a lush expanse of green. A landscape carefully designed to delight you, rejuvenate you and tire you. All in a day’s work. And the 18-Hole Golf Course at the Holiday Club Saimaa will delight you like no other. 

A classic cross-country sport, Golf is a popular sport across the globe. Very simply explained, golf is a game where the player has to hole the golf ball in as few attempts as possible. Standard number of holes on a golf course is 18. They are laid out on the golf course in a pattern. The first 9 holes, tee holes as they are usually referred to, are usually in the front followed by fairway, rough and other hazards. Each hole on a golf course is unlike another in its specific placement and arrangement.    

 The lush golf course at the Holiday Club at Saimaa is sure to excite you and your family. Stroll on the golf grounds following the 18-Hole Golf Course  and while you may feel tired, we assure you that you will not mind it at all. The 18-Hole Golf Course  is ideal for players of any level – amateur or professional. You could discover some hidden talent in your family too. Apart from the 18-Hole Golf Course, Saimaa also has a practice centre which you and your family can utilize. At the Holiday Club Saimaa, you can sharpen your golfing skills or even discover some if you have never tried to play the sport.

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