Music has the power to change your life. To bring a smile to your face. To bring you hope! When harmony, melody, rhythm and structure come together, it creates something so profound. Wouldn’t you agree? For the family of music lovers, a trip to Mekaanisen Musiikin Museo is a must. Dive into the fascinating world of tunes, before MP3 players, CD’s, mini disks, Walkmans, iPods and smartphones existed!

Journey through Finland’s rich musical history, learning of the different eras, while enjoying songs that stream from vintage equipment. Yes, the whole evolution of mechanical music, from 1850 to the present day, can be seen and heard. Through the guided tour, a spectacular 75-player orchestra suspended 5 metres high, infuses the atmosphere with unforgettable compositions. Let the sweet notes of the automatic piano flood your ears, bringing to life the work of eminent pianists like Hoffman and Busoni! Kids and adults will be equally delighted, and can break into a dance, if they’d like too. In fact, cheerful museum walkers often do so. Home to almost 400 instruments, spread across 7 large halls, there is so much to discover. Touring museums is one of the best things to do in Finland. So, go forth and treat your ears to the magic of music.

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