Narkanda, near Shimla, renowned for its enchanting apple orchards, offers a picturesque escape into nature. Blanketed by snow in winter, these apple orchards burst into a colorful spectacle during the apple blossom season in spring. The scent of blooming flowers fills the air as rows of apple trees, laden with juicy fruit, create a scenic panorama. The Narkanda apple orchards not only showcase nature's bounty but also provide a serene and rejuvenating retreat to nature lovers in the heart of Himachal Pradesh's Shimla district.

Experience the Beauty of Nature

Enjoy an experience like no other with your family as you head over to explore the apple orchards in Narkanda. Delight in the journey with your loved ones amidst nature's bounty. Strollpast the orchards during the peak season, and smell the air filled with the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers. Take wonderful family pictures against the enchanting backdrop of endless hues of full bloom. 

Engage in the joyous activity of apple pickingwith the kids as they, filled with elation reach out to the ripe fruits. Together take a tour of the orchard and gather fascinating insights into apple cultivation, from the meticulous care during blossom season to the harvesting process.

Surround yourself with picturesque surroundings, with the snow-capped Himalayan peaks in the distance, adding to the charm. Savor the experience of plucking fresh apples, relishing them on the spot, and also purchasing local apple products, from jams to ciders.

Take pleasure in the serene escape with the ones you love and make the most of the day filled with laughter and exploration. Take home a wholesome and delightful family experience amidst the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

Highlights of Apple Orchard Visit

Visitors can experience the joy of apple picking, engage in orchard tours, and relish fresh apple-based products.

Best Time to Visit Narkanda

The best time to visit Narkanda near Shimla is during the months of March to June and September to November as the weather is pleasant, accompanied by a striking landscape. 

Where to Stay in Shimla

Delight in a relaxing family stay at Club Mahindra Shimla Resort in Himachal Pradesh. Offering utmost comfort and stunning views of the Himalayas the resort is bound to leave you bewitched! 

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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