Still, serene and peaceful not a part of your lexicon? Get ready for some high-level action then. Learn the ropes (literally and figuratively speaking) when you holiday at a Club Mahindra Holiday Resort next.  We have an entire menu of high rope activities to entice you with. Of course, you will be protected with all the necessary safety equipment (do clear all your doubts with our experts at the resort).

a)  Burmah Bridge

This is a suspended ropeway on which you have to walk. Don’t worry, there are rails on either side to take support – just that these rails are ropes too! So, go ahead and cross that bridge when you get to it.

b) Earthquake Bridge

Shaky steps way above the ground – sounds cool? Well that’s what the earthquake bridge is. Narrow wooden planks connected to ropes on either side – every step swaying to give you the chills of an earthquake.

c)  Zipbike

Fuse a zip line with a bike and voila! You have a Zipbike. Not for the faint hearted. Bike your way on the rope and not just get the adrenaline going but also feast your eyes on the treat nature has laid out for you.

d) Rock Climbing

Put yourself to the test. Challenge yourself and scale the summit. These rocks are not obstacles, they are in fact steppingstones to discover what you have within!

Make sure you’re ready for this fun-filled, adventure inspired holiday. Afterall, we want you to experience the maximum amount of thrills from all activities.

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Club Mahindra Madikeri Resort in Coorg, Karnataka

Club Mahindra Madikeri, Coorg

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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