Pyhä is renowned for its Amethyst Mine which houses these semi-precious stones that take over a million years to make. The stones continuously receive the earth’s warm, loving care and this process turns rough dull rocks into brilliant, shiny, majestic purple amethysts. Bring out your inner glow and shine just as brilliantly at the Amethyst Spa at Holiday Club Pyhä, Finland. A day at this spa is sure to chip away at all your rough edges and ease any stress you’ve been feeling, through a combination of massage therapy, beauty treatments and a leisurely, languid sauna session in a traditional Finnish sauna.

If you’re worried about the cold weather at Holiday Club Pyhä, Finland, fret not. Whatever the weather outside, the spa is balmy, warm and welcoming! There’s also a jacuzzi and heated swimming pool, so you can either splash about or simply relax as the jets of water ease your sore muscles and lull you into a sense of relaxation. Swedish and Finnish massage therapies are known to be vigorous and deep acting. Follow up with a soak in the jacuzzi before hitting the sauna and feel the last of your stress leaving your pores and leaving you dazzling like the Northern Lights.

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