Treat your family to an electrifying day at Aqualand, a fantastic theme park in Gran Canaria. In this aquatic kingdom, water comes in all shapes and sizes. Splashes are the norm. And, laughter is the most popular song. All the while, rays of golden sunshine cast the entire park aglow. A lovely blend of natural and manmade wonders, you can enjoy the steepest slides and the tallest palm trees! There is no age limit to enjoying yourself here. With more than 20 riveting attractions to choose from, each individual discovers their unique rhythm of fun. 

Put on your brave face and board the Tornado, a ride that mimics the feeling of being absorbed by the forces of nature! Shoot down and spin on a double raft. If you’re craving an adrenaline rush, sit on Anaconda, the largest toboggan in the park. Whiz and zip! Perfect for larger groups is Racing Twin Turbulence, an exceptionally thrilling ride that will take your breath away. We’d also recommend navigating Snake Falls, a 200-metre descent of gushing water, that winds down to the rapids. If you’re looking to relax and soak in the surroundings, get carried along by the gentle currents of Pirate’s River. The Discovery Beach, with its artificial wave pool, is also another great option for those who prefer a little downtime.

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