This magnificent ancient ruin, which was once the Baroque Palace, is full of stories. Crumbling limestone walls reveal past glories that hide within its cracks. And as you wander around the chambers of this fine ruin, its overwhelming history haunts you. It is hence not very surprising when we say that a visit to the Borgholm Castle is one of the most loved things to do in Sweden with your family.

Winding staircases lead you to glorious halls with endless suites of rooms that once brimmed with life. The adorable castle shop at the entrance displays picture-perfect postcards, books, toys and presents to take back home. And if your children are tugging at your sleeve for some candy, ice cream and soda, the shop sells tickets for those too. While an intricate exhibition enlightens you with interesting facts about pirates, kings and timeless love stories. The large courtyard spread out in front of the castle is a popular venue for musical events and unforgettable theatre performances. If you are visiting during the months of June and August, note that your children are in for some royal fun. They do not just get to dress up but also paint their own knight shields in the castle. And while they are at it, why don’t you wander off to the exquisite courtyard with your spouse for a walk to remember?

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