One of Munnar’s most famed features is its lush environs. A thousand shades of green, from lime to sage, blanket the landscapes. Topographies consisting of hills and valleys roll and tumble, as far as the eye can see. And, this is precisely what makes Kerala’s beloved destination so special at all times of the year. Ever dreamed of gliding past these very plains, wind coursing through your hair and adrenaline pumping through your veins?

With Club Mahindra, Munnar, this is possible! One of our adventure activities include a Bullet Bike Excursion in the Hills. For all you biking enthusiasts and thrill junkies out there, this is your moment to shine. Zoom across mountain passes on a sleek bullet, watching scenery change and evolve right before your very eyes. Soak in the charming atmosphere, drink in the unadulterated peace and let the calm engulf you. As you zip past vistas, plantations, and pastures, focus on the Now. 

A Bullet Bike Excursion in the Hills is a sure way of getting to know Munnar more intimately. So, jump onto that bike and explore the region for all it has to offer. Club Mahindra seeks to pump up your holiday with many such offerings, spanning 100+ resorts in India and abroad! Get, set, go!

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Club Mahindra Munnar Resort Kerala

Club Mahindra Munnar

Club Mahindra Mount Serene Munnar Resort in Kerala

Club Mahindra Mount Serene, Munnar

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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