If you can't make it to Finland in the winter when snow turns it into wonderland with a white blanket, don’t fret. Should you miss the winter, you can always make up for it by visiting the Cross-Country Snowboarding Tunnel at the Sports Institute in Vuokatti. This man-made wonder is a stone's throw away from Holiday Club Katinkulta and snowboarding and skiing here is one of the most fun things to do in Finland, regardless of what the weather outside is like.

Built in 1998, this 1.2 kms long ski tunnel is a marvel of modern architecture and engineering. Maintained at a constant temperature of -3°C to -9°Cregardless of the temperature outside, you can go snowboarding or skiing in this cross country snowboarding tunnel that is also used by Finland’s elite cross country skiing team to train for competitions. At the Cross-Country Snowboarding Tunnel, you can rub shoulders with amateur skiers and snowboarders as well as professionals. As it is built over the natural terrain, with different gradients and slopes in different sections, you don’t need to worry if you’ve never seen a ski or snowboard before in your life. In fact, this is the best place to learn the ropes of this thrilling sport. You can also rent the required gear here before hitting the slopes. Because of these controlled conditions and well-maintained slopes free from obstructions, it is safe for kids too who can pick up a new skill they can tell their friends about when they get back to school.

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