Daman, nestled along the Arabian Sea on India's west coast, is a tranquil coastal city rich in history. Known for its Portuguese colonial legacy, Daman boasts picturesque beaches, ancient forts, and serene churches.Adorning the cityscape and offering a serene escape to beach lovers is Devka Beachone of the most sought-after beaches of Daman. Inviting visitors to its golden sands and palm-fringed shores, Devka Beach serves as a tranquil escape for those seeking solace and seclusion. 

Experience the Coastal Charm 

Revel infamily time at Devka Beach where the rhythmic waves gently kiss the shore.  Take a stroll across the beach and together enjoy a sun tan. Delight in a picturesque setting, dotted with vibrant shacks, amidst a laid-back atmosphere. As the sun dips below the horizon, the beach transforms into a romantic haven, making it an ideal spot for couples and families alike to unwind and soak in the coastal charm of this captivating retreat.

Highlights of Devka Beach

The Nani Daman Jetty, a bustling hub, draws visitors to witness vibrant sunsets and indulge in watersports. Discover a fusion of Portuguese architecture and local vibrancy as you wander past primeval ruins narrating riveting tales from the past. 

Best Time to Visit Daman 

Winter, between October and January, is the best time to visit Daman. It is neither too hot nor too cold as temperatures range between 18-32°C.

Where to Stay in Daman

Set amidst the tropical coastal beauty of Daman, Devka Beach Resort, is an oasis of cool and comfort. Luxuriously appointed, it gifts a rejuvenating holiday experience to families looking for an ideal pick out of the numerous Resorts in Daman

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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