Imagine an experience that is born out of the best-kept secrets of Mother Nature – raw, bold and natural? The Ghar Ka Chullah experience at our Club Mahindra resort is nothing short of an enigma.

Here is where you get to cook on a traditional earthen stove, exactly like the rural folks were used to doing. Organised outside of your chalet in some of our resorts or whilst you are on a farm visit in others, this experience is truly one-of-a-kind. If your kids ask you, wouldn’t you love to tell them the story behind Ghar Ka Chullah – and how it came about?

Up until three decades ago, women up north were used to cooking on a clay stove that consisted of a combination of husk, water and clay to be formed. The flavours emitted from this traditional method of cooking will tantalise your palate and make it sing, for sure. Additionally, it is a new experience for kids. But that’s not all! Experts say, food cooked in earthen pots is also nutrient-rich – a fact your spouse would love to savour. Imagine, slow cooking which has gained favour around the world, has its very own roots in India! Well, as we said, in a Club Mahindra resort, every day comes with a new learning.

So, come on over and let the smoky flavours entrap you with taste and aromas. The range of recipes possible on an earthen oven is fascinating. Choose from rustic chapatis and rice to smoky-flavoured meats and vegetables, each one of the dishes that are made by our skilled chefs will ring true with authenticity and simplicity. As you’ll discover, Ghar ka Chullah isn’t just about a state of cooking, it is about a state of living.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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