Finland is a fascinating and awe-inspiring nation, overflowing with myriad adventure offerings. From its unique climate to its extraordinary terrain and exceptional hospitality and service, everything points towards a dream vacation setting. Be it a reindeer ride or husky ride, snowboarding or tobogganing, guests have one after another thrilling experience to look forward totoo,. With the plethora of winter sports on offer, it’s no wonder that tourists flock to this Nordic country. And, now, you too have the chance to experience the many wonders of Finland.

Vacation at Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki, Finland for an exciting and exhilarating time. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, we have a number of suggestions on how you can spend your days. For instance, why not take an electronically assisted E-Fat Bike Ride? Wondering what this is? To put it simply, e-bikes are bicycles with battery-powered assists, that come via pedalling or through throttles. As you push the pedals, a small motor engages and gives you a boost. This enables you to zip up hills, cruise over plains and navigate tough terrains, seamlessly and safely. Imagine the vast possibilities that open up to you as you explore Finland’s rich and diverse landscapes. During winter, you will be gliding along snow studded land, whizzing past forests and lakes. How enchanting is that?

With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about E-Fat Bike Ride experience, read the Club Mahindra member reviews.

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Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki Resort in Finland

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki, Finland

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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A family vacation is an album of memories… one that’s waiting to be shared. Read through our Club Mahindra membership reviews to find out what makes a resort story so special. 

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